Calibration Services


What is calibration


The process of periodic checking of instrument by comparison with another instrument of better accuracy for the purpose of detecting, adjusting or reporting errors is termed Calibration

Calibration Maintains Reliability

Product quality is one of the most critical success factors in manufacturing. The slightest variation can result in both commercial and reputational damage, as the cost of production downtime or product recall far exceeds the charge for regular maintenance


Regular calibration ensures your high-precision instruments continue to provide accurate, high-quality data. Choosing the right calibration laboratory can be as important for lifetime accuracy and reliability as the initial selection of the instrument


AGAH is going to start up  the first Calibration Laboratory that not only detect errors but also correct them in the near future. Agah will offer tests / calibrations in accordance with internationally accepted standard for laboratory accreditation ISO/IEC 17025


Agah’s trained calibration services experts safeguard machine availability helping manufacturers to deliver to deadlines, avoid shortages

and hit revenue targets

Calibration services to meet your needs

Our calibration services will help you to set up the support you need to make sure your measurement tools and instruments are properly calibrated and accessible at all times to reduce risk of any costly production disturbance or downtime. Our on-site calibration services can be performed directly inside your plant or on your production line

Calibration Services Offered by Agah

Calibration of all Analog/digital Oscilloscopes

Calibration of Spectrum Analyzer

Calibration of Signal Analyzer

Calibration of Network Analyzer

Calibration of Signal Generator

Calibration of power scope

Calibration of Digital Oscilloscope Meter

Calibration of AC/DC Power Supplies

Calibration of Signal Generators

Calibration of Function Generators

Calibration of Pulse Generators

Calibration of Frequency Counters

Calibration of Voltmeter

Calibration of Ammeter

Calibration of Ohmmeter





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